Art Clay Copper 50g ACS

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Art Clay Copper is easy to knead, model and bake in a fire oven.

Baking in activated carbon or fiber cloth.

The steps for creating creations with this copper clay are the same as with silver clay, but an extra step must be added: treating the oxidized layer.
Unlike silver clay, copper clay reacts to oxygen in the air and creates a brown-black layer on the copper clay.


This clay is fired in a preheated oven. After placing it in the kiln u wait until the kiln indicates the target temperature again, starting from now 30 minutes. To reduce the oxidation layer you can cover the workpiece with activated carbon. When it's finished it's important to work fast.


Hold a large metal bowl of cold water under the kiln door and open the door quickly and throw the workpiece in cold water as soon as possible to minimize oxidation (along with the activated carbon if you have used it). Additionally, you can remove the workpiece with an acid bath from the oxide layer.


The package contains 50 grams of copper clay.


Note that, in combination with silver, it is best to bake the copper clay first, after which it is only possible to process it with silver clay.

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