Passion for Art Clay Silver

The passion for silver clay has resulted in the fact that we have a very wide range of materials for making jewelry.

We deliver to instructors, individuals, institutions, schools etc.Our materials are tested in the workplace. Only products that meet our approval come into the shop.

We are always here to help you even if you only need advice.

We are a specialized web shop for working with silver clay and everything around it.
We supply the materials and tools for individuals and professionals, such as silver clay and metal clay, the materials to work with,
silver parts and a multitude of materials and additions to independently make beautiful full-fledged jewelry, such as silver haberdashery to make earrings, brooch parts, too many to mention.

Silver clay is a great medium. It is easy to work with and can easily be fired at home using a gas stove or microtorch, and for the professionals our kilns are really perfect!"

Start your new hobby today !!!



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If you are interested to attend training or have you been working with silver clay but want to expand your skills.
Joy for Art comes to you and teaches you, in the form of a day workshop, especially the so important basis
that enables you to work independently on the production of beautiful silver jewelry.