I would like to introduce myself to you. I'm Joyce van Roosmalen-Jansen and work since 2007 with silver clay.
I was trained and certified to the level Higher Instructor of Art Clay Silver. With my experience, I hope to inspire and help you whenever possible.

I design and make unique jewelery in order and take care of (personal) workshops in which I learn how others can do with clay silver fine jewelry. I also take care of special workshops for instructors and advanced.

My specialism (memory) jewelry from silver clay, with ash, fingerprint and various kinds of resin.




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The shop has been around since 2010 an official dealer of Art Clay Silver, with us you will find a very wide range to work with silver clay. We are proud of our extensive range of 999 fine silver and silver components for use with the silver clay.

Z-klei is our own brand, among others. affordable accessories, materials and tools. In addition, we sell products from America, Silver Clay kilns and various metal clay, silver clay and natural materials from Art Clay Silver and we can deliver products and metals from the wholesale jeweler.

If you are looking for something special, please inform whether we can order it for you.