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Find an instructor in the Netherlands or Belgium

Via the link you go to a page of Craftlines. Here you will find all affiliated Art Clay Silver instructors. These instructors have thorough training and you are assured of a fun inspiring day.

Are you looking for a fun workshop Metal Clay? Look for an instructor in your area.

Do you want to become an Art Clay Silver instructor?

Are you also so enthusiastic about working with Art Clay Silver? Do you want to become proficient in the techniques and do you like to transfer your enthusiasm and knowledge to others through workshops and courses? Then the training for Art Clay Silver instructors may be something for you!

The Art Clay World training system has multiple levels, namely Instructor Level 1, 2 and Higher. During the training of Level 1 and 2 various jewelry is made. All projects handle a different technique. The techniques are so coordinated that after completing training 1 and 2 you master all the usual techniques.

For more information we refer you to the website of Craftlines

If you want to give workshops then we recommend the training for Art Clay Instructor!