Prometheus Bronze Clay 100g

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Prometheus Bronze Clay 100g has a slow drying feature, allowing you to knead and form the clay longer.


Baking in activated carbon or fiber cloth.

Prometheus® Bronze Clay is a claylike material which turns into pure, solid bronze when fired in a kiln. It is a mixture of micron sized bronze powder, water and organic binder. It can be formed by hand, rolled into a sheet or a rope. It can be molded, textured, even turned on a potter's wheel.


Prometheus® Bronze Clay can be fired with most lab-created gemstones (cubic zirconias), pre-tested natural stones, glass beads, ceramic and porcelain.


When the clay is fired in a kiln, the organic binder evaporates and burns away and you’re left with pure, solid bronze. Brush it, if needed pickle it to remove any firescale and finally polish. You can create unique jewelery, ornaments, hollow ware, statutes, sculptures and many other decorative objects.


Any thing you create with Prometheus®  Bronze Clay is a piece of art. Combine it with your imagination and let your fingers do the rest!


Firing at 820°C for 30 minutes or in the activated carbon as described in the user guide.

Can be combined with other types of Prometheus bronze and copper.

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