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One pocket of 20 grams Art Clay Silver. This clay has long lasting processability and softer texture.

The regular silverclay 650 of Art Clay Silver is made with 99% pure silver, binder and water. After baking there is a purity of 99.9% silver and can be hallmarked in the Netherlands as 925.
The clay dries in the air, which should be taken into account when working. Make sure your remains do not dry clay while working with clay.


Form phase
The clay can be perfectly processed with molding tools and materials that are suitable for working with various types of clay. But all other tools can also be useful, the only rule is that you have to look out with rust as this can cause stains on your silver.
The clay can be used directly from the package. However, if the clay sticks to your hands, apply your method to this, then use a small amount of olive oil, slik balm or silicone spray on your hands and tools. If the clay feels drier ad one or more drops of distilled water, knead it in some foil.


Drying phase
The clay is light gray in color. The drying time (10g 1mm thick) is 24 hours in air, 20 minutes with the hair dryer or 10 minutes at 100°C in the household oven. Use a mirror to control the clay. (Put your warm work piece on a mirror, when damping down on the mirror then it is not dry)

The clay feels slightly leathery after drying, you can fix or repair the clay and/or parts by using paste or making it with a residue of the silverclay. You can engrave and edit the dry clay with a sharp object. The shrinkage is about 9%. Especially with rings should be taken into account, a ring will shrink about 4 to 5 Japanese sizes (other sizes can be found in the ringsize table). Sanding and shredding is easier in the dry phase because the silver is a bit hard after firing.


Firing phase
The Silverclay regular is fired open in the kiln, the clay can be placed directly on a fiber plate or grid in the preheated kiln. For support of a mold, fiber cloth or fiber paper can be used. The granulate can also be used to support vulnerable jewellery. Small zircon (up to 6mm) can also be placed directly in a hot kiln. In case of doubt, you can better boil cold and cool to room temperature.

Art Clay Silver regular 650 can also be fired on a special grid on your gas stove or with an Micro torch. You can find here a video about it.

The use of glass or ceramics, pottery or porcelain requires a cold kiln and a custom firing curve.


Finishing phase
The color after baking is white (this is the crystalline structure of fine silver). Use a polishing brush to remove the white and make the surface silver. Use the polishing sponges for further finishing. Or for more convenience, the use of the habras abrasive slices is no unnecessary luxury. With polishing paste you can finish the silver finish to high gloss. The Art Clay Silver Regular has a beautiful bright silver color.

The Art Clay Silver Regular 650 is available in packs of 7, 10, 20 and 50 grams 10 and 20 grams paste and 5 and 10 grams of syringe paste.


Read our Silverclay handbook for an explanation of silver clay.

Art Clay Silver
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