Calculate your ringsize for Silverclay

If you are going to make a ring in silver clay, you have to deal with the shrinkage of the clay. There are several dimensions known to be used in The Netherlands, Japan or America. That makes it sometimes a bit complicated when you have multiple books where the different sizes are used. The bottom of this page you will find a table Converter.

In Europe, we know as Europese sizes, these sizes are also referred to as Size 21 mm sizes is, therefore, 21mm in cross-section of the inside of the ring. In Japan, the country where the silver clay comes from, they use a Japanese ringsizer. This ringsizer contains more rings. America does include whole and half sizes.

Make ring of silver clay
A ring is always made to a given thickness used to prevent breakage.
When you are rolling a ring like a snake than you make the roll at least 3 mm thick.
Use always the white 1.5mm thick slats for a flat base ring.

Use a post-it paper to drawn the ring size on the wooden mandrel. You fold the paper on to the wooden pole and securing the slab edge or with a piece of tape. Take the ring size so that it can easily slide over your knuckle but a little resists if you want to slide it off.

Take the larger size ring (see description below) and slide it to the wooden pole and be sure it is well pulled up and sits right the paper on the stick. Using a pencil mark on both of the sides of the ring around the whole pole. Make the PostIt slightly moist so that the silver clay does not fall off the stick. use the pencil line to adjust the ring. 

Milimeter sizes
The following rule can be applied for the red and blue Ring sizer (european / mm diameter). Please make the ring about two sizes larger than the ring that fits you, if you make a large base ring (10+ mm).

Japanese size
When you use the Japanese sizes take 4 to 5 additional rings than the ring that fits you, if you create a large base (10+ mm).

Half measure
A half ring size draws off by sliding two rings on your stick and between them to emerge both rings. take the ring that you would take for the basic ring and a ring size larger. Sign between both rings a pencil line on the stick. Put your silver clay between the two lines in the middle.

This Converter table you can use to foreign sizes to calculate the ring size you are using