Agate polishing pen bamboo, sword shape

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This polishing pen has a polished sword shape agate stone for high gloss polishing of silver and adding gold with the keumboo technique.

This polished pen of agate will be one of your favorite tools that you can use to polish your jewelry quickly with high gloss.


If silver clay is only baked off, it is quite soft, by brushing it with a wire brush, firmly pressing the agate pen over the surface, pressing the silver and making it harder and flatter, giving you a beautiful high gloss finish.


ATTENTION: Use mainly the edge of the agate and not the tip. And be careful with the tip as this may leave deep scratches if you accidentally pop out.


Keumboo is a technique to fuse gold foil with a silver surface, the agate pen is perfect for this technique.


With bamboo handle.


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