Metal ring mandrel with various sizes

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Metal ring stick (tribulet) for example to make your fired silver ring round.

This measurable metal mandrel with European sizes is suitable for checking the ring size after firing your silver clay. Also, on this metal ring, you can knock a ring round again with a plastic hammer and you can make the ring bigger by tapping longer  or harder on the ring.

TIP: Place the correct ring size on the mandrel. Paste a piece of paper tape along the ring (on the side of the handle) around the mandrel. Now you put the ring on the stick that needs to be bigger. Use a rubber hammer and periodically refire the silver to prevent fracture. Tap the ring slant down toward the handle to the tape. This way it does not matter if you use a Japanese ring sizer or a European because you use the tape you always have the right size.

However, note that if a silver ring is to be much larger than it is that the ring between knocking needs to be annealed again, the ring may break. Do not hit any stones, seams or thin elements.
- A chiseler hammer can be used for a good hammer impact effect.
- The use of a metal hammer will increase the silver much faster than a rubber or plastic hammer.

This stick can also be used to measure the ring size of your customer's own ring.

Size distribution:
1.5-15 US
13-24 MM
1-38 No.
41-76 U

Tribulet round 230 X 24-13 X MM

Measuring ring-sizes

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