Habras sanding set 2cm - 6 pieces

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Habras sanding set - 6 pieces, 2cm diameter

80, 220, 400, pumice, 6μ, 1μ.

Advantageous set of all six color sanding discs for the perfect high-gloss finishing of your silver and gold jewelery.

Yellow (coarse), red, blue, pink, salmon, green. 2 cm diameter.

By using them in this order with a dremel, you can polish your precious metals and base metal jewelry much faster and without any effort. make sure that you start with yellow first and that they do not have any bigger scratches than the yellow disc, only then will you use the next disc. Also so long that there are no bigger scratches than this disk makes and so on.

After use, wash your silver jewelery only with some washing-up liquid, as a polishing cloth can make scratches again.

Use your own discs for each type of metal.


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