Ear bars with dish silver 3mm, 2pcs (925)

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Sterling Silver 3mm, 2pcs.

Silver earplug with plate of 3mm(A) diameter and 0.5mm thickness,

11mm(B) long and rod 0.8mm thickness.

Firing at 700 °C or solder after firing your Silverclay.

To confirm these ear plugs to Silverclay, roughen the silver plate first with coarse sandpaper or a file. Then spread some pasta on the plate and place it on your unbaked silver-colored workpiece. Bring more pasta to the back of the plate so that the silver plate is completely covered. Let it dry. Add two more layers with drying in between. The picture can not be seen anymore. Make sure the plug stays clean.

925 / -

Caution: Do not pierce the earrings made with the pins in a glass fiber cloth, otherwise melt the stick's stick.

2 pieces

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