Syringe clay 5g without nozzle Art Clay Silver

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These syringe clay 5g without nozzle Art Clay Silver is a slightly more liquid silver clay. The syringe clay can be used on woodclay for hollow jewelry or fine lines.

Without nozzle.

The Silver Clay syringe of Art Clay Silver is made with 99.9% pure silver, also called fine silver.


In a syringe there is diluted clay that retains its shape when used. Different nozzles fit. Hollow shapes, lines and decorations can be made, as well as attaching your parts and carrying out repairs.


The syringe clay is mainly intended to make hollow forms on wood clay or to make a very open structure. The syringe clay is also very handy to quickly set stones, sqeeze a small ball the size of the stone on your workpiece and squeeze your zirconia directly into the center of the sphere and push it so far that the edges cling to the clay . You can also use the syringe paste or for repairing deeper sheds, etc.


The shrinkage of the silver syringe is about 9% during baking.
Heat from 650 ° C. This means that the dried spray can also be heated with a gas burner or on a gas cooker. However the ideal temperature is between 800 and 900°C.


The clay dries in the air, which should be taken into account while working, please note that the tip of your nozzle does not dry out, place the syringe in use in your water cup.


Tip: Keep the syringe simple in its own packaging, remove the description and wrap the syringe in household foil so that the tip of the nozzel can not dry out, wrap a damp (baby lotion) wipe around so that moisture remains regulated and close the package well.


Read our Silverclay handbook for an explanation of silver clay.

Art Clay Silver
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