Silverclay Paste 10 grams Art Clay Silver

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The Silverclay Paste 10 grams Art Clay Silver is made with 99.9% pure silver, also called fine silver. It is used, among other things, for structure, repair, bonding of both soft and dried clay and fired silver clay.

With this new paste you can fire the following materials together:
- already fired silver clay,
- dried clay and baked silver,
- finesilver parts on baked silver or dried silverclay


The silver paste dries into the air, which should be taken into account when working. Make sure your pot of silverpaste does not dry out while working with the clay by putting the lid back in each case. If your paste has dried out, add a few drops of distilled water and stir well as soon as possible.

The composition of the new paste is 90% silver and 10% binder and water; in the previous version it was 80% at 20%. Do not put any remaining silver or silver bran in your pot as it contains less silver to the binder (80/20).


The paste is also suitable to structure using a brush. Or make a print of a real leaf (apply 12 layers to the back, dilute the first layer and dry well between each layer with a minimum of 12 layers).

The shrinkage of the silverclay is about 9% during baking. Always make sure you dry your work again once something has been added with moisture, such as pasta.
Heating from 650 ° C. Duration of heating depends on the selected source of heat. ideal temperature is between 800 and 900°C

Read our Silverclay handbook for an explanation of silver clay.

The pot in which the pasta is placed can also be sent by letter mail (the cardboard box with manual sends flat).

Art Clay Silver
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