Membrame box with hinge 5cm M

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 Membrame box

The membrane box consists of a hard plastic box with two soft membranes in the middle between which a piece of jewelry can be clamped. This allows you to transport break-sensitive parts without fear of falling or bumping.

Safely transport your unbaked silver clay without breakage.

The box can of course also be used as a display.

The hinge ensures that it can be opened easily.

Dimensions outside:
LxWxH 5,8 x 5 x 2,5 cm

Dimensions inside:
Cover membrane is 3,7 cm measured from inside edge (blue line on photo) and obliquely 5 cm from edge (purple on photo).
Bottom membrane is 4,8 cm measured from inside edge (blue on photo) and obliquely 6,1 cm from edge (purple on photo).
Space from top of lid to membrane is 0,8 cm and 1 cm in the bottom part. (see red line on photo)

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