Art Clay Gold 3g ACS

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Gold Clay is not in stock. It will be ordered for you in Japan.

This gold clay allows you to knead, roll out and roll up and form a piece of jewelry.
The firing temperature of gold clay is at least 990 ° C for 60 minutes.

Goldclay can not be baked at the same time with silverclay because the temperature is too hot, the silver will melt. If you want to combine the gold clay with silverclay you first need to fire the gold after that make sure that the silver clay holds the gold as with a zircon stone. By shrinking the gold will be held by the silver. The gold will not attach to the silver.

This gold clay consists of 22 carats of gold powder, 95% of the declared weight consists of 91% gold and 8.3% silver, binder and water.
The binder is made of harmless fibers; Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
In combustion, harmless carbon dioxide and steam are released.

Warnings when using Art Clay Gold
Ventilate your workspace while baking.
Keep this product out of the reach of children.
If you get this product in your eyes or mouth, rinse it immediately with plenty of water and call your doctor.
Avoid contact with your skin
In case of skin irritation or itching, the spots that are infected properly and call your doctor immediately.

Art Clay Silver
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