Enamel powder Transparent Cherry Pink 20g

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Japanese enamel powder suitable for fine silver and copper

These Japanese enamel from Ephraim Enamel are among the best in the world, they have been carefully selected by Art Clay Japan and are praised by there world famous metal clay and enamel artists.

Use the color example as a guideline. Enamel colors vary depending on your computer screen, the number of layers you apply, the substrate, and so on. Wear a protective mask and gloves and work in a well-ventilated place.

For the greatest clarity, transparent enamel should be washed with distilled water until there is no milky water above. This milky water is too fine enamel: it causes a cloud-like clouding in your burnt enamel. You can also sieve the enamel first to remove as much fine powder as possible. Use this fine powder as a counter enamel but do not put it back in the bag.

Use a thin brush to lift the enamel and apply it to your jewelery. Provide enough water so that the enamel can properly arrange, add water with a pipette and tap something heavy (eg. the handle of a ring file) against the edge of your jewelry so that the granules sink well.

Dry the enamel on a hotplate or on top of your oven for a few minutes.

Check that there is no enamel on parts where you do not want it.

These enamel works best directly on the silver, no flux is needed. We recommend baking between 760 - 800 degrees Celsius. For a piece of silver of about 10 grams, 2.5 to 3 minutes seems sufficient, but ovens vary and the shape of the piece can also make a difference. Testing is always necessary.

With a flat workpiece of 1mm or thicker, a counter-enamel is not always necessary. Curved work does not need a counter-enamel if it is not too thin.

Store enamel in a cool, dry place in plastic or glass as moisture can affect the quality and avoid direct sunlight. Let washed enamel dry and keep them closed, never put them back, but keep it separate. Wash this enamel again if you want to use it again.

Cool colors are easier to enamel than warm colors.

Note: Sterling silver contains copper which can change enamel color.

These high-quality Japanese enamels contain lead, so ensure the right protection (mouth cap for dry processing, good ventilation when burning due to lead-containing vapors). Leaded enamel should not be used by children and schools.

Read here the Matrial Safty Data Sheet.


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