Oven-proof container small, melting tray

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Kiln container small.

Small melting tray, oven tray for use at high temperature, suitable for high temperature above 2800 degrees, high purity, corrosion resistance, high strength, high heat resistant, high shock resistance.

Use this oven tray with granules to support your silver clay work in the oven.

Capacity: 150 g

Material: Quartz

Outside diameter: 5.90cm / 2.32 "

Inside diameter: 4.70cm / 1.85 "

Height: 2.00cm / 0.79 "

Depth: 1.50 cm / 0.59 "

Net weight: approx. 45g

Number: 1pc

Physical and chemical properties of Quartz: High temperature. Corrosion resistance. Good thermal stability. Good light-transmitting properties. Good electrical insulation properties.

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