Cubic zirconia Peridot 2mm Round CZ

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5A cubic zirconia

Heat resistant cubic zirconia,

Cubic Zirconia, jewelers quality. Brilliantly sharpened and safe to fire directly in the clay.

Note: Do not cool in water, the stone will burst through the shock.
This stone is a Cubic zirconia made in the laboratory and is heat-resistant.


This stone can be put in silver clay and be fired in an kiln, with a microtorche or on the gas stove. The stones have been tested for 30 minutes at 850 ° C.

In copper or bronze clay, it can be fired off for 4 hours in the activated carbon at 850 °.

Higher temperatures have not been tested.
Place very large large stones in a cold oven and allow them to cool down after firing.

Heat proof
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