Cubic zirconia Emerald 5mm Round CZ

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5A cubic zirconia LOW fire or in active carbon

This zirconia must be fired on an open plate at low temperature for a maximum of 30 minutes at 700 ° C in order to discolor the stone,

The stone can be fired without discoloration at high temperature in activated carbon for 4 hours at max. 850 °C.

Cubic Zirconia, jewelers quality. Brilliantly sharpened and safe to fire directly in the clay.

Of course, the stone can also be placed in a special bezel.

Note: Do not cool in water, the stone will burst through the shock.

This stone is a Cubic zirconia made in the laboratory and is heat resistant at low temperature (not covered) or you can fire the stone or high temperature in activated carbon.


This stone can therefore be fired in sterling, copper or bronze if your design is finished in the two phase method.

LOW fire
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