Softcut Carving block 2 pcs

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Carving block for stampmaking

SoftCut is formulated for very easy cutting. It holds fine detail without crumbling. This new material can be drawn on in pencil due to its near-white surface.

Finely smooth on one side, textured on the other, SoftCut is both double sided and flexible. 


Softcut is perfect to make beautiful designs of your own. Use it for making stamps for metal and silverclay. Dont forget to use a lubrication compound.


These plates can also be used with paint and ink.

You can use our special cuttingtools for making your own design. 

2x 150x100x3.0 mm.


•Lead Free, Conforms to EN71
•Meets 2005/84/EC directives on Phthalates in toys & childcare
•Inked Blocks are easily cleaned
•Crisp, sharp lines
•Long life, flexible blocks
•No crumbling under pressure
•Can be cut on both sides
•Textured matt side
•Smooth shiny side
•Suitable for the younger user

Art Clay Silver
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