Photopolymer plate A4, Metal backing 0,95mm

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Photopolymer plate 0.95 mm 21 x 29.5 cm for making stamps

The photo polymer plate must be exposed to UV lamp or sunlight. By placing a transparency with a good black image on the plate, you get a plate by exposure to the unexplored (black) lines with water and the exposed parts become hard. This allows you to use fingerprints, custom designs to make a stamp. This plate is each packed in black plastic to prevent unwanted exposure. Take a look at the manual for how it works.


Instruction manual


Laundering with lukewarm water (max 25 ° C) is very easy, place the exposed plate in a bowl of hand warm water and leave it for a few minutes to see the unexposed polymer lighter. Use a soft toothbrush to wash the polymer. In addition, the photopolymer also dissolves in alcohol.


Safety Sheet MDSD

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