Art Clay silicon mold for bezel making

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Create your own prong settings for round stones

Create your own Silverclay bezels for round stones with this handy silicone mold.

This template is specially designed and created by Aida's experts in Japan.
With this mold you can make round or square bezels for round zircons or natural stones with diameters of 3, 4, 5 and 8 mm.


Fill in the shape by pushing the silver clay into the bezelmold with a metal spatula and let the silver clay dry in the mold. Because the mold is transparent, you can see if the mold is completely filled and no air bubbles are placed underneath the clay. As soon as the clay is completely dry, the silver clay can be pressed out of the mold.

Drying can take place for 24 hours or place the mold long enough in a household oven at 100 ° C. Drying takes longer because the mold can only be lost moist on the upper side.

* If the clay is out of the mold, we recommend continuing to dry in a household oven or heat plate for another 10 minutes.


Finish off:
If the clay is completely dry, place the stone in the mold and file the top down to just above the flat mirror of the stone. Be careful not to damage the stone. Remove the stone and modify the shape of the paws of the bezel.
The best thing to do is to mark this and carefully lower it with a round thin or flat file. You can make different shapes as long as you do not get under the base plate. You can also round finish the outside.


NOTE: Do not file the inside of the bezel and that there is no paste or clay inside, otherwise the stone will not fit after firing.

After firing the silverclay the stone is placed carefully, push the paws over the stone. First push the opposite legs to one another so that the stone is tightly seated straight into the set. Use the back of your forceps to do this.

Art Clay Silver
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