Ring stop EU sizes15 t/m 25,5

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Ring stops for the perfect size of your fired ring.

The ring stops are used to catch the shrinkage of the silverclay. The ring stops are heat resistant and easy to remove after use and your ring is the perfect size and perfect around.


  • Make your ring the way you are used to. With the regular 650 silver chain, you will add +4 to 5 (Japanese) rings or +1,5 to 2 (European) rings than the required ring size. Draw between the 2 ring sizes to draw half a size.
  • With the Art Clay Silver Professional 950 you add +7 to 8 (Japanese) rings or add +5 to 5,5 (European) rings. You count the rings and not the sizes of your ringwood.

The ring stoppers are available in European whole and half mm sizes 15 to 25.5 mm (inside section of the ring). A ring with a diameter of 15mm needs a 15mm ring stop.

If you use the Japanese sizes to make your ring, choose a ring stopper that comes closest to the size of the needed size.


The ring stopper is placed in the ring and it enters the kiln. After firing, you must completely cool the ring on a heat resistant surface.


Caution: If you pour the ring stopper into water if it is still hot, a thermal shock may occur!

The ring stopper dissolves in water and can be safely removed. Do not flush the material through your sink as this will settle and cause clogging. You can make it better settle, drain, and then let it dry before throw it away.


Caution: Do not breathe any dust as these particles contain silicium.

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