Inkless Keepsake System pink/bleu

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The Inkless KeepSake System is ideal for people hand and footprints, pets paws, pet noses, etc.   

Contents: Application cloth and 2 active sheets 21.6x14cm

Create beautiful jewelry using you clients finger- hand- and foot prints and even your pets paw or nose print.

The Inkless KeepSake System is an sensitized paper with a special towelette that is treated with non-toxic (newborn safe) clear developing solution. When these are used together they creates surprisingly detailed prints!

Simply scan, make the print black and scale the print on your computer and create your own stamp with an piece of photopolymerplate to use to press into the clay.

Create beautiful keepsake jewelry for yourself, as gifts and/or for sale! 

Caution: Do not apply excessive liquid, as a result of which the print will flow out on the paper. If necessary, print first on an blank normal paper and then on the sensitive paper to get a nice print with a lot of detail.

With little baby's, it is useful that you are with 2 persons, one person spares the fluid, the other presses the hand or foot on the paper. Use a piece of papertape to hold on to so you not printing your on finger on to the paper.

The solution and paper are non-toxic and have been approved for use with children, newborns and animals.

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