Set of 3M Sanding pads ACS. course, middle, fine

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Three big sanding pads for finishing your metal clay.

Set of 3 populated sanding pads These sanding pads are ideal for use when working with silver clay.

  The sanding pads are suitable for use on dried or baked clay. You can cut off pieces for a more convenient working size. Keep the pieces used for the clay apart and do not use them for your fired silver clay. You can use the pads until they are worn out.

The pads can also be used to sand your silver, both dry and wet.

Note: The grit (sanding part) breaks down during use and becomes finer, so you can polish up to high gloss with the green pad. If you have polished high gloss and you are going black, always use your old pad, because a new one will scratch and you will have more work to polish up to high gloss.


320-600 (coarse)
800-1000 (medium)
1200 - 1500 (fine)

Art Clay Silver
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