Wood Clay ACS

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Wood clay for making hollow forms with spray clay.

You can mold various forms of Wood Clay / wood clay that you use as a base or core for metal clay, paste or spray. When heated, the Wood Clay will burn completely and only your creation remains. Wood Clay therefore also makes it possible to make jewelry with a hollow interior.

The wood clay is an environmentally friendly product made from recycled wood waste from pencil production. The particles are much smaller and it feels softer than the cork clay (no longer available). The packaging is larger and the price is lower than the cork clay.

Fully dried in about 3 days at room temperature. The drying time can be accelerated by drying it in a warm oven at around 100 ° C without distorting it. The drying time depends on the size. This means that it is possible to work directly on the woodclay and then to dry it.

Another advantage of the Wood Clay is that after drying the shape can be updated with a file or sandpaper. This allows any deformation due to drying to be updated.

Brand instructions:

When baking an open piece of jewelry, it is possible to place the piece of jewelry in the oven.
In the oven: 30 minutes at 350 ° C, then 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours at 820 ° C
On gas stove or torch: Minimum 15 to 30 minutes (very large pieces can be better baked in an oven. But at least as long until the wood base is burned.

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