Granules bag 500ml

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These Cooling Granules are used to slowly cool your glass to prevent thermal shock or breakage or to support your silver clay.

You can do the grains best in an earthenware pot or a high bowl so that there is sufficient mass around the bead that you put into it. After burning, insert your burned bead into the pot so that it slowly releases the heat to the Cooling granules, the granules provide insulation so that the glass cools slowly before you start annealing your work in an oven. Small beads will not need to be annealed in an oven.

The Cooling Granules can also be used to support your silver clay during firing in a kiln. Place the granules for example in a small red-earth work dish (garden center) without glaze or a stainless steel tray to support your silver clay well.

A package contain 0.5 Liter.

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