Nuts for cabochon ring 3mm 5pcs

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Nuts for cabochon ring. 3mm high.

The cabochon ring is the perfect base to make rings of bronze clay with a special twist.
Make your own ring top of Bronze clay, copper clay, polymer clay, glass or silver clay with these nuts.

The nuts go directly into the clay and are fired with which they get stuck.
Use a plug of paper towel or paper clay to fill the hole with the thread so that no bronze, copper or silver clay comes into the hole with the thread.

If you use a mold, you can push the nut directly into the clay without any problems. If you do not use a mold, you can also choose to drill a hole after drying and then fix the nut with paste.

A special mandrel with screw thread is required for glass. You will find the description of this with the product.

nut 3mm high, 2.5mm wide.
5 pieces
Suitable for M2.5 thread

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