Cabochon Rings brass, 1pc, size EU 18

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Cabochon ring brass 18.

The Cabochon Rings are made of Brass with fine finish. It has a 5mm screw height which is ideal for layering components.

There are 5 different sizes available.

These ring is the perfect base to make rings with an interchangeable top on it. The ring has a thread on which a ring top can be screwed. The ring top can be made yourself with bronze clay, copper clay, polymer clay, silver clay with a special nut, but also if you make glass beads you can make your own glass ring toppers by means of the special mandrels (also available from us)


Bear in mind that a wide ring is smaller than a narrow ring.

Ring 6mm wide, 2mm thick, Size 18
screw thread 5mm long, 2.5mm wide

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