Gold paste 1.5g ACS

Art Clay Silver
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Art Clay gold paste (22 karat)

This is a paste of real gold that lets you apply golden accents to silver, ceramic, porcelain and / or glass surfaces.

The gold paste is supplied including a special diluent. If the pasta is dried, a single drop of this is sufficient to make the pasta.

The paste can best be applied to your fired silver (which is not polished) in 3 separate layers. It can be applied immediately after your silver is fired. Gold is heavier than silver if the piece is fired for too long it is possible that the gold drops in silver, therefore 3 layers are recommended. Multiple layers can cause the upper layer to loosen due to shrinkage. If more layers are required, you can repeat the technique if the piece has cooled down.

Especially on a smooth surface like glass, it is wise to dilute the pasta slightly. Heat to at least 800 ° C, it is only possible to kiln fire the piece. The heating time depends on the substrate on which you use the pasta.

With the gold pasta, an English-language instruction is provided with heating instructions.


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