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Art Clay gold paste (22 karat).

This is a water-based gold paste made from real gold with which you can apply gold accents to surfaces of fine silver, ceramic, porcelain and/or glass.

The purity is 22K (92%) after firing.

The gold paste is supplied including a special diluent. If the pasta is dried, a single drop of this is sufficient to make the pasta.

The paste can best be applied to your fired silver (which is not polished) in 3 separate layers. It can be applied immediately after your silver is fired. Gold is heavier than silver if the piece is fired for too long it is possible that the gold drops in silver, therefore 3 layers are recommended. Multiple layers can cause the upper layer to loosen due to shrinkage. If more layers are required, you can repeat the technique if the piece has cooled down.

Especially on a smooth surface like glass, it is wise to dilute the pasta slightly. Heat to at least 800 ° C, it is only possible to kiln fire the piece. The heating time depends on the substrate on which you use the pasta.

With the gold pasta, an English-language instruction is provided with heating instructions.


Art Clay gold paste (22 carat) is a viscous paste with which you can make gold accents on surface of silver, ceramics, porcelain and/or glass. When the paste is a diluent supplied. Especially on a smooth surface like glass, it is wise to dilute the pas ta something. Heat at a minimum of 800 ° c only possible in an ACP oven. The heating time depends on the surface where you used the paste. At the gold paste is an extra instruction supplied with heating instructions.

Art Clay Gold Paste is in a viscous liquid form, so that you can texture to the surface and draw on a surface of Art Clay Silver (fired piece), ceramic, porcelain and/or glass.
Ingredients: 77.5% of the indicated weight is 24K gold, and it becomes 22K gold after firing.
To dilute the paste, take out the required amount and place it in a separate container. Then, add the necessary amount of water or medium depending on your desired finished gold color.
Recommended ratio for diluting the Gold Paste with the medium: Gold Paste (3) : Medium (1)
If you need to build the Gold layers more than 0.5mm in thickness, fire the piece first, and then build another layer on top of the fired gold area. Repeat until reaching your desired thickness.
This product is water-based and can eventually dry up. Always keep the container tightly capped. If it dries up, add an appropriate amount of water to recover its original state.

Some gold settling may occur at bottom of the jar. Stir the paste well with a skewer or metal spatula before use.
Clean the surface of the porcelain, glass or ceramic with alcohol, or soap and water to remove dust or oil which may
interfere with the Gold Paste sticking to the surface.
Prepare a paintbrush specifically for use with the Gold Paint.

Application (overlaying)
Application on fired Art Clay Silver piece.
Application area must be matte surface (not polished but in white appearance). Basically, apply Gold Paste undiluted. If the piece had been fired and polished or oxidized, re-fire it in a kiln until it turns to a matte finish. Do not apply Gold Paste on an unfired piece as the application may flake off.

Application on porcelain or glass
You may apply both undiluted and diluted Gold paste on a porcelain surface. When diluted with the medium, the application will be smoother and easy to draw with longer strokes. Application should be less than 0.5mm thick. Thicker application may flake off due to shrinkage.

You can apply the undiluted paste, or dilute the Gold Paste with water or medium to the consistency needed in order to paint the specific surface. If you need to paint a lighter gold color on a ceramic, porcelain or glass surface, it is recommended to dilute the Gold Paste with medium

To apply the Gold Paste on a fired Art Clay Silver surface, apply the Gold Paste on a matte surface. If you need to add Gold Paste on a polished silver surface, fire the silver piece in a kiln for 30 minutes at 700 oC / 1292oF to make a matte surface.

Thickness of each application needs to be less than 0.5mm thick per layer.

The applied paste must be completely dried before firing. It may be dried in the following ways:
Applying undiluted
Hair dryer: At least 5 minutes with 1200w hair dryer. Place the dryer within 10cm / 3 inches from the piece.
Air dry: At least 15 minutes

Applying the diluted paste
Hair dryer: At least 30 minutes with a 1200w hair dryer. Place the dryer within 10cm / 3 inches from the piece
Air dry: At least 60 minutes

A) Application on fired Art Clay Silver surface.

In a kiln
1) Raise the kiln temperature to 500℃/932oF
2) Place the piece in the kiln and fire to 800℃/1472oF
3) After reaching the temperature, hold for 10minutes to complete the firing. Turn the kiln off and allow to cool.

on a stove
1) Place the stainless steel net on the burner of a gas stove.
Make sure the stainless net is placed at the center of the burner. Turn on the cooking stove. Identify the most
red-hot spot on the net.
2) Turn off the cooking stove. Place the piece on the most red-hot part using a pair of tweezers.
3) Turn on the cooking stove again and fire the piece for five minutes. Turn off the stove and do not touch for at least
20 minutes.
*Maximum Dimensions: 5.0cm (L) ×3.0cm (W) ×2.0cm (H)
B) Application on a porcelain or ceramic surface.

1) Place the piece in a cold kiln and fire to 800℃/1472 °F.
2) Turn off your kiln when the temperature reaches 800℃/1472°F. There is no hold time.
3) You may remove the piece when the temperature reaches 100 °C /212°F, or cool naturally to room temperature.
C) Application on a glass* surface.

1) Place the piece in a cold kiln and fire to 800 °C /1472°F.
2) When the temperature reaches 800 °C /1472°F, hold for 5 minutes.
4) Open the kiln door and cool down (crash-cool) to 600 °C/1112 °F, and close the kiln door again*.
5) Allow the kiln to reach room temperature before removing.
*The glass used with the Gold Paste is COE90 and if you use glass with a different COE, please test fire first.

It is important that your kiln’s pyrometer is functioning

Gas torch firing is not recommended for this product.

For stove top firing, please use a gas-operated stove, which is able to generate more than 2.9kw (2900 calories), and use the recommended stainless steel net.

The surface of the fired area where Gold Paint was applied will be matte in color due to crystallization, but a luster
can be obtained by polishing.( i.e. Metal or agate burnisher, Wet and dry sandpaper, etc.). Do not polish the gold overlaid area on the glazed surface too hard, as it may chip off with the glazed surface. Polishing the area with light gliding strokes is enough to bring out the shine. If the Gold area chips off during polishing, it is possible to attach it with Art Clay Overlay Silver Paste*.

*Requires second firing to attach.

- Ventilate your workroom well during firing.
- When drying and baking, take care not to get burned or start a fire.
- Keep this product out of the reach of children.
- If you get any of this product in your eyes or mouth, flush immediately with plenty of water and call your physician.
- Avoid contact with your skin. If skin irritation or itching occurs, wash with water and consult your doctor immediately.
- Do not place a ceramic or porcelain piece that has the Overlay Silver Paste applied into a microwave oven.
- Keep this product indoors out of direct sunlight. 
- Do NOT keep in a refrigerator.
- Use it soon after opening.

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