Overlay paste 15g Art Clay Silver

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This silver clay Overlay paste 15g Art Clay Silver is specifically designed for use on non-porous or glazed surfaces, such as porcelain, ceramics and glass. 

The Silver Clay Overlay 15g Art Clay Silver is made with 99.9% pure silver, also called fine silver.

This overlay paste 15g can be combined with all types of ACS and on non porous or glazed surfaces, for example on glass, enamel, ceramic or porcelain and can be diluted with distilled water.

The overlay is also suitable for repairing baked silver.


Thoroughly stir before use.

The clay dries in the air, which should be taken into account when working. Make sure your jar overlay does not dry out while working, if dried, add a few drops of distilled water to make the pasta softer.


The shrinkage of the silver paste is about 9% during firing.
Heating from 650 ° C. Duration of heating depends on the selected source of heat. However the ideal temperature is between 800 and 900°C.


Read our Silverclay handbook for an explanation of silver clay.

Art Clay Silver
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