Das practice clay 150 gr small package

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Das self-hardening modeling clay 150 grams is a white clay that dries without firing.

Small package Das self-hardening clay. This clay dries in the air and because of these properties and processing, it is comparable to silver clay, however the clay contains paper fibers, making it even more difficult to work than with silver clay.

It is nice to practice a design with this clay first so that you know what tools and resources are needed to make your design. If it works with this clay, you will also succeed with silver clay.

The self-hardening clay has a drying time of 24 hours per cm and does not shrink during drying.

Das easily adheres to other materials such as wood, glass, polystyrene, ceramics and plastics. This very flexible clay is safe to use and very suitable for children.

NOTE: clean your used materials well, make sure that no pieces of clay are mixed with your silver clay. This clay does not burn out in the oven or on the stove and therefore cannot be used to make hollow shapes

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