Drills 5 pcs 1 t/m3mm

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Drill set in 5 ascending sizes to be used with e.g. a dremel or hand drill.

You can place the various drill bits in a hand drill or dremel. You can drill a small hole in the dried silver clay quickly and easily by hand. A hand drill holder gives you more grip. These drills are also suitable for drilling in silver or other metal.

Drill sizes: 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00 mm

The drills can also be used to put stones in the dried silver clay. Lay the drill bit from small to large and start drilling with the smallest drill. If you say that you have a 2 mm stone, drill the hole first through the piece with the 1 mm drill if the design allows it. Then drill the 1.5 mm drill bit again into the same hole. If you are now drilling with the 2mm drill, make sure not to drill through completely so that the stone can not fall out. Spread some pasta in the hole and place the stone so far in the clay that the flat top of the stone (the mirror) is flush with the top of your clay. Spread the diluted paste over the stone and let the piece dry. remove the excess clay from the stone with a toothpick. now you can bake.

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