Bracelet mandrel and 2 ring mandrels with stand

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2 wooden rings and bracelet mandrels with standard.

The 2 wooden rings and bracelets mold with standard is suitable for making a nice bracelet and or ring with metal clay. Very easy to change.

On the ring stick, stick a piece of paper (post-it) and draw the desired ring size and use the stick as a basis for making and modeling the ring. The stand ensures that your ring can dry safely and that you have both hands free. Always attach a piece of paper to the stick before molding the ring of silver clay around it, otherwise you will not get the ring if it is dried.

Ring stick narrow runs from 11mm Ø to 19mm Ø
Ring stick wide runs from 14mm Ø to 23.5mm Ø

    Delivery time:1-2 dagen
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