Pigment powder summer bright 3g

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These pigment paint powders are very suitable for coloring UV-resin, but also to add a shiny layer to your polymer clay. In the UV resin they give a sparkling, marbled 3D effect. It can also be mixed with another pigment powder to add more glitter to it.

Drying time: ± 120 seconds mixed with not too much powder, the more powder the longer the cured time-event in thin layers. Just with a flame from a lighter over it to let the air bubbles escape. For a super gloss add another or two layers of clarity.

Note: Open the container on a saucer, as the containers are full, powder will fall out when the lid is opened. Use a brush for the powder that has fallen out to easily put it back in the jar.

    Delivery time:1-2 dagen
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