Legal Regulatory Quality Mark

The regular silver clay consists of 99.9% silver after firing the clay. If you sell silver over 8 grams in the Netherlands, they must be certified by a quality mark and certified by a master mark.

The Netherlands knows 3 levels of silver:
- 925 thousand is called first grade (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or other metal)
- 835 thousandth is called second grade.
- 800 thousandth is called third grade.

The Netherlands does not have a quality mark certificate for fine silver (999) and is therefore approved with the 925 quality mark. The quality mark can be hammered or laser burned, and this is done by the warranty for precious metals.


Quality mark Silver Netherlands

If you want to sell your silver jewelry, you are required in the Netherlands to put the stamp silver mark in silver jewelry, weighing above 8 grams.

This can be done with Waarborg Holland or with Edelmetaal Waarborg Nederland. 

On these two sites you can read more about the legal rules for the quality mark for the different precious metals in the Netherlands.

Quality mark Silver Belgium

Do you want to sell your jewelry and live in Belgium?
The Belgian Government obliges you to register with the Guarantee Register.

This obligation applies continuously so that you have to enroll in your annual registration. Each piece of jewelry that you offer for sale must then bear a silver mark.

More information of the rules and regulations for Belgium can be found on the site Goud Zilver België.