Art Clay Silver, also known as silver clay, is a unique type of clay that contains a high concentration of fine silver particles mixed with an organic binder and water. It was developed in the 1990s as a material for creating jewelry and small silver objects.

The clay-like consistency of Art Clay Silver allows it to be molded, sculpted, and shaped like traditional clay. It is relatively easy to work with and can be formed into various shapes and designs. Once the desired shape is achieved, the Art Clay Silver object is dried and then fired in a special kiln or using a handheld torch or gasstove.

During the firing process, the organic binder burns away, leaving behind the pure silver particles that fuse together, resulting in a solid silver object. The final product is genuine silver, typically ranging from 95% to 99.99% pure silver, depending on the type of Art Clay Silver used.

Art Clay Silver offers a versatile and accessible way for artists, hobbyists, and jewelry makers to create silver jewelry and other silver objects without requiring the traditional skills and equipment of traditional metalworking. It has gained popularity among artisans and crafters for its ease of use and the ability to create intricate designs.

Web shop for Art Clay Silver and more! is a specialized webshop for working with silver clay and everything around it.

We supply the materials and tools for individuals and professionals, such as silver clay and metal clay, the materials to work with,

silver parts and a multitude of materials and additions to independently make beautiful full jewelry such as silver haberdashery to make earrings, brooch parts, too many to mention.

Silver clay is a great medium. It is easy to work with and can easily be fired at home using a gas stove or microtorch, and for the professionals our kilns are really perfect!"

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Art Clay Silver is a Japanese product and is used all over the world by

artists, goldsmiths, hobbyists and many others.


Silver clay has been developed to make silver jewelry at home without expensive equipment and machines and without expensive training. The clay contains 99.9% silver and can be treated as such after the firing process.

The product has been used worldwide but has its origin in Japan in 1990. There are two Japanese factories, each of which has launched its own brand. Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and Art Clay Silver (ACS). Aida is the factory of the Art Clay brand, which produces precious metals from ao. X-ray recovery is very active in Europe. PMC is used more in America and England.

Silver clay is made up of three elements that ensure that the silver is malleable. It is a simple recipe because it consists of microscopically fine pure silver powder (999), an organic binder and water. The binding agent is a natural product and has no chemical composition. This makes it safe to use at home.


The clay is already ready-made in the packaging, it is well packed and can be kept for longer than a year as long as the packaging is kept closed and cool. But we don't think you want to keep your clay that long. If all goes well, you want to get started right away.

Straight out of the package, the clay is flexible and malleable. These properties ensure that it can easily be given a shape or even structure. The silver powder has such a fine structure that a fingerprint is easily taken over by pressing the finger into the clay.


In addition to Art Clay Silver, AIDA has also developed gold clay.

Because the gold clay is also very expensive for us to keep in stock, it is therefore only available on order.`


Silver clay is a recycle product, the factory in Japan ensures that the precious material is recovered from, for example, medical, dental, printing, photography and development studios and the jewelry industry, such as X-rays, printed circuit boards, crowns and bridges.

They obtain this waste from manufacturing companies and recycle it into pure gold or silver (99.99%), platinum and palladium (more than 99.99%) by applying their sophisticated precious metal analysis and refinement skills.


Masterclasses en workshops

Did you know that Joyce, the owner of, is also a certified Higher Instructor of Art Clay, and that Joyce has been sharing her passion and expertise for silver clay with enthusiastic students and instructors for more than a decade.

At Joy for Art you will find tailor-made 1-on-1 masterclasses and workshops that lay the essential foundation for creating beautiful silver clay jewelry.


Zilverklei doosje, © Joyce van Roosmalen
Bronsklei scarabee, © Joyce van Roosmalen
Zilverklei hanger met emaille, © Joyce van Roosmalen
Zilverklei ring met zirconia, © Joyce van Roosmalen
Zilverklei hanger met Labradoriet, © Joyce van Roosmalen
Zilverklei Hanger bloem,  © Joyce van Roosmalen

Whether you are interested in kick-starting your knowledge and skills or already have experience and want to further develop your expertise, let your creativity blossom and discover the magic of silver clay during this unforgettable workshop experience.

Get in touch today to find out more about the workshops that perfectly suit your needs and ambitions.