RingCore ™

1  RingCore™ rings are made with textured or smooth exterior surfaces. If desired, a smooth exterior surface can be filed or sanded to create a rough surface that will help hold the clay while it is built up on the ring; the "tooth" gives the metal more surface area to attach to.

2  With a small brush, apply a thin layer of slip to the outside of the ring.

3  Apply a light coat of non-stick balm or oil to your hands and roll out a lump of clay to the desired thickness (4- to 6-cards thick is a good place to start). Texture the clay as desired.

4  Trim the clay to the width of the ring band. Wrap the clay around the band, overlapping the ends about 1mm. Use slip and a blending tool to smooth the seam together.

5  Allow the clay to dry and sand the ring to refine any rough edges or seams.

6  Now for the fun part, decorating the ring! Select a texture or stamp that you want to use to create the decorative element for your ring. This element can be a flat component or a shaped, sculptural component. If desired, you can design one or more bezel mountings into the element--pretty much anything goes.

7  Roll the clay as necessary to get the look you want. Press the texture into the clay, then shape as desired. Add kiln-safe gemstones to any bezels at this point.

8  Allow the design to dry. Sand and refine as necessary. If you have stones in your design, use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to clean away any dust or oils from the stone.

9  Add a thick dollop of slip to the ring where the seam was blended closed. Position the decorative element on the slip. Wipe away any excess slip. Allow the slip to dry.

10  Fire the ring according to the manufacturer's direction. If you are firing stones in place, remember to use a slow ramp when heating the kiln. Once the firing is complete, allow the kiln to cool naturally to room temperature.

11  Finish and oxidize your ring as desired. Your creation is now ready to wear, ready to sell, ready to dazzle!

Thanks to Joy Funnell for writing the manual and the pictures ©
This manual translated may not be reproduced or duplicated in whole or in part without prior written permission.

Download the manual for a spinner ring and the general manual here