HG silver & copper never-more polish-finish 200 ml

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Very thin lacquer to counteract blacks.

The attack on silver and copper, which ensures that these precious metals become dull and darker, is an oxidation. This oxidation is caused by the action of oxygen and the moisture in the air.
With HG silver & copper never-more polish-finish an absolutely invisible and non-tactile protective finish is applied which prevents this effect. This prevents dullness and discolouration of, for example, your candlestick or antique teapot.

HG silver & copper never-more-polish-finish is also suitable for brass and bronze. Remove dirt, grease deposits and residues of silver and copper polish with soapy water and then allow the surface to dry thoroughly.

HG silver & copper never-more-polish-finish shake well before use. Keep the can upright and spray - not too thick - about 20 cm away, in even lines on the surface to be treated.

HG silver & copper never-more-polish-finish can be removed with acetone if desired.

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