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UV Resin Transparant ACS 25g

Art Clay Silver
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Ange super resin UV resin Chrystal, hard with a special UV lamp but also hard in sunlight.

This transparent UV resin is very pleasant to use. It hardens in 3-5 minutes under a special UV lamp and has a beautiful crystal clear look just like glass.

The resin in clear form can be added at once to the right thickness and has a beautiful decaying effect.
If you see air bubbles when adding, just go with a hot flame from a lighter above it (do not touch it) until the heat has removed the bubbles. Then place the object under UV light for 3-5 minutes to let it harden. 30 minutes in the sunlight is also possible.

Use resin-based colors to use the resin as a cold enamel (apply in layers)

content 25g in handy dosing bottle



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