1 Microtorch GB2001

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Professional microtorch refillable for soldering and firing Silver clay.

This solderingTorch is a hand operated butane refillable micro torch with the special Piezo Quartz Crystal electronic ignition with stable flame. The flame is adjustable in size and the airflow setting button can provide the flame of oxygen which results in a hot flame (1300 ° C).
The important tank body has a diamond grid design for an extra good safe grip and also includes a detachable foot for working hands-free. The micro torch can max burn for up to one hour repeatedly, but it is better to cool the burner regularly.
NOTE: Metal parts on top are hot, allow burner to cool for refilling.
Turn the throttle to off. Fill the burner completely for first use with butane gas. Hold the burner for filling and fill it with a pumping motion. This allows the air to escape from the burner. Fill the burner until it is full (spray a little liquid gas over the bottom). Open the gas button on the side and light the burner by pushing the button on the backside.
DIY tool, professional use, precision work, heating, soldering, shrinking, hobby, dental laboratory and jewelry repair.
Dimensions: W-85mm H-150mm D-43mm
Flame Temp. : 300 - 1300 ° Celsius
Flame Size: 100 mm +/- 20 mm
Fuel: Butane Gas (lighter filling)
Content for about 150 minutes per filling (use max 1 hour)