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Bezel Template template to make a nice setting with clay for a large heat resistant stone.

These bezel template templates are made of high quality clear transparent plastic are used to cut out the shape in the clay with a needle tool.

If you want to put a large Zircon with this template, you first have to determine the height.
- Put the stone upside down on your work mat and lay just as many plastic slats (1.5mm-1mm-0.5mm) or regular playing cards together so that the stone is no longer hit if you lay an acrylic rolling plate over it.
- Lay the stone aside and place your (fresh) clay between the slats and press the clay flat with the rolling plate.
-Use now a needle tool to cut out the size of the stone you selected, using the first row (left) on your template, leave the template on the clay and use a toothpick to pick the clay from the inside.
-Then take your stone and place it in the hole you just cut and press it into the clay with the aid of your rolling plate.
-Use now the second or third row of your Bezel template to determine the bezel wall thickness and cut it out.
-Let the clay dry with stone in the usual way.
-You can now sand, file or clean the bezel with a damp cloth to continue using in your design.


These template plates are much thicker than the Jewelry templates and are not flexible, so you can also use these lightweight templates to print the shape as a relief in the clay
The template can also be used as a simple drawing template in many other creative applications.


Dimensions: 127 x 88mm, Thickness: 2mm.