Lortone Polishing machine model 3A

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Polishing machine 3A.

This Lortone Drum Machine is an ideal machine for high gloss polishing of silver clay and metal clay. The engine is low-noise and with its 70W it ensures an economical process of the polishing process. Lortone makes quality drum machines in a price-favorable class. The drum machine or tumbler is widely used in the polishing of precious metal in combination with stainless steel balls.


Fill the drum with 0.5kg polishing balls and place your jewelry on the balls, fill the drum so that there is about 2-3 cm of water above the balls. Now add polishing soap or some washing-up liquid, a dash of ammonia may be added for the additional degreasing of jewelery.


With regular use, you can rinse the balls and store them under water. With occasional use we recommend to rinse the balls and let them dry on a dishcloth.


If the bullets turn dark, it is important to first clean the balls before you polish further precious metal.


Note: Polishing balls and soap available separately.


Dimensions: 240x150x140mm
Weight: 2.4 kilos
Drum outside: 114x135mm
Drum internal: 102x100mm
Drum weight: 0.47 kilos
Drum contents: 0.8 liters
Motor: 220 / 230V, 70W

Zirconia's, lab-created stones, (UV) resin, ceramics and glass can safely be crumpled, for some gems it is advisable not to do this. This has to do with the hardness of a stone. Polishing balls can also get trapped in small openings such as beads syringe etc, if possible, you can use a pipe carrier or rope to temporarily seal a hole so that the balls of the same diameter can not close the hole. If it does happen, put the jewelery in the freezer for a while so that the metal can shrink and you can probably remove the balls.

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