Crystal resin 750ml (Super clear)

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Transparent epoxy resin

This highly transparent clear glass resin is easy to handle thanks to its epoxy two-component system (resin and hardener). The resin is highly fluid and therefore easy to pour. Ideal for the use of molds, inclusions, tray bottoms, jewelery, envelopes, the decoration of carriers, laminates and even as protective varnish. For amateurs and advanced.


A package contains transparent epoxy resin of two components: resin (A) and hardener (B). two mixing spatulas, two measuring cups, a pair of plastic gloves and a manual.

The resin mixes 2 parts A and 1 part B. Use the resin for making casts, protect your painting, make jewelry etc. Do not pour thicker than 5cm.


Transparent and solid, perfect imitation of glass.

- Transparent resin
- Relatively easy
- Very strong
- Can be used as a varnish


Usage: create in dimension, form decorative objects, laminate cards, jewelery, paintings coating, marble techniques etc.

Surfaces: Pour resin into molds, on paper, glass, earthenware, metal, silicone, (painted) wood, plastic.

Drying time: After 12 hours superficially after 24 hours completely.

Care (decorated surfaces): Clean lightly with a damp cloth.

Storage: 6 months in well sealed pot / bottle after opening. Keep the resin and hardener in its original packaging, tightly closed at a temperature between 15 ° C / 59 ° F and 25 ° C / 77 ° F. Protect against freezing.


Once it has hardened, the resin can not handle temperatures above 50 ° C.

Instructions: Measure how much you need. You can determine the content of a mold by filling it with water and pour it into a measuring cup. Two thirds is resin (A) and a third part is hardener (B) 2-1. Dry the mold well and measure the ratio with the supplied measuring cups. Mix the resin in a plastic cup (not supplied) and stir the resin slowly. Stir until the mixture has become clear. (not mixed well then do not harden the mixture).


After 24 hours it can be removed from its mold, complete cure takes 72 hours.

Precautionary measures:

Avoid contact with your eyes and skin, wear gloves.
Do not mix the resin with other brands.
The resin is not suitable in combination with food.
Do not make more than 150ml at a time.

Packaging:  750 ml